Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Noodles from the Fat Hero

Fei Xiong bak chor mee
I was informed by my co-worker during lunch while having this bak chor mee that Fei Xiong doesn't mean 'fat bear', but 'fat hero'. Lol. A pretty good bak chor mee the fat hero does make.

Fei Xiong bak chor mee


Anonymous said...

hi..i was just wondering if you've heard of Breeze at the Scarlet hotel and whether you know of any recent reviews of the place with regards to the food variety, quality and pricings..
do drop me an email at if u have information. thanks so much :)

jialard said...

hi there,

thanks for visiting our blog, jialard. Yups, those sandwiches are not found in singapore, unfortunately.

by the way, your blog looks great too.

LiquidShaDow said...

@ krystle
I am unable to email you. The address doesn't seem to work. I haven't read any reviews on any place in Scarlet Hotel yet. However, if you're looking for food, I think you should be checking out Desire. Breeze as I know is a bar.

hi jialard,
always interesting to see what is not available here. :)