Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Paulaners Bräuhaus, Millenia Walk (dinner)

Came by this place previously for an Oktoberfest thirst quencher after dinner at Ten-Jyaku. Tonight, I took advantage of being around in the vicinity and decided to do dinner with a co-worker. I recalled having had their pork knuckles the previous time and them being pretty good. There aren't any German restaurants around that I know of that are accessible (I don't drive) and this was the only one that's accessible. Paulaners Bräuhaus if you didn't know is located at Millenia Walk, just across the road from Suntec City.

The restaurant section of the brewery is located on the second floor. The ground level is set up like a bar/pub that serves their own brand of brew and finger food. The last weekday I attempted to get a seat in the restaurant, it was so packed I couldn't get a space four without having endure a queue. Tonight was quite empty by comparison.

To the food. One of the neat things about their bread was that it was served with pâté - which I enjoyed. In comparison with most restaurants that provide either butter, olive oil & vinegar and even pesto. 

Commenced the dinner with a cold cut dish call Bavarian Brotzeitbrettl. It is essentially a wooden platter of different hams, liver pâté, a bit of cheese, some salad and grated horseradish which was surprisingly good. The horseradish tasted quite fresh with a mild tinge of sweetness. Like grated wasabi. Mustardly flavorful without being overwhelming. Ham seemed to be chicken/turkey based but the waiter insisted that all of it are pork. I didn't think it was worth the effort to pursue this. In all a decent plate of cold cuts which features nothing really remarkable apart from the horseradish .

The home made spätzle and asparagus looked a lot to me like fried sliced fish at first. I had no idea what were spätzles, but it seemed like they're some kind of irregularly shaped pasta of sorts. The pasta was served with melted cheese and flavoured with white wine and nutmeg. I didn't taste any nutmeg or white wine,  just the fragrant strips of fried onion and a very mild melted cheese. If not for the cheese, this dish looked and tasted Chinese. Like fried rice cakes.

The grilled pork knuckle was mostly like I remembered it from the last time I had them. It was a lot less fatty then. In fact, if my memory serves, there wasn't much fat at all under all that golden brown skin between the meat. The bed of sauerkraut was appetising, offsetting the weight of the meat/fat. The portions were actually small enough to make a hearty meal for one person.

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