Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Noodle House, Park Mall

I have no idea how long this place has been in operation and I probably would not have known about it if not for recommendation by a friend. Hidden at the basement of the often ignored Park Mall is Noodle House, a Chinese eatery offering Sarawak noodles. At least that's the claim. One of their signature items is wanton noodles which looks very similar to the Kolo mee that one can find around the Chinatown region. To point, the noodles were differentiated because they aren't the regular yellow egg noodles which gives the bowl a different textual feel. I've mentioned a couple of times previously that I didn't like a particular alkali flavour in regular yellow noodles and this one didn't have them. I like this better than the Pontian store at Yishun. Will come by again if I happen to be in the vicinity looking for something to eat.

Dressed simply in what tasted mostly were sesame oil and fried shallots, these noodles were pretty delicious by themselves without other condiments that one gets with wanton noodles. There's also marinated minced pork and meatballs as well. That above was a large bowl at $4 and came with a small bowl of wanton soup.

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