Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lunch anyone?

I'm on leave from the 21st so I'm taking the opportunity to go for lunches at places that I'm not likely to when i have to be at work. I have 3 tentative locations in mind, so if any of you readers u (regulars or not) are interested and adventurous enough to do lunch with a stranger(or not), please drop me a note via comments and we'll see if something can be arranged. Do not worry about having your contacts on my site because comments are not published unless I approve them which I will not for this time round.

The three locations are

  1. Garibaldi ($26-29++ vicinity, not sure); Purvis Street
  2. Au Petit Salut ($22++); Jalan Merah Saga, opp. Holland V
  3. Prix Fixe lunch set at Ikkukan as seen in Ivan's entry ($59+++); off Club Street near Senso

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