Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pasta Brava, Craig Road

Dinner with Bird. There's quite a bit of pasta options in the menu of this restaurant. Enough to have me spoilt for choice while deciding what to order for dinner. Pasta Brava at Craig Road is located a few minutes of walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. From there, one can head towards Duxton Hill and Craig Road is just off the main road at Duxton within the vicinity.

Bread came cold. Vinegar wasn't available until requested for. So apart from the food, homely pleasant decor and very prompt removal of finished plates, there wasn't very much else to expect from first impressions. The wait staff need to appear more inconspicuous instead of hovering around like vultures ready to swoop. We got everything to share from the menu which covers just an antipasti, two pastas and a dessert.

Underneath the 2 slices of ham of the Proscuitto Con Melone, are the melons. 2 slices. I was expecting the ham to be rolled around the fruit. On the overall, I found it to be a combination of a rather pleasant sweet and savory appetizer.

This Risotto Nero Alla Sinfonia Dei Nostri Mari has got to be one of the better risotto I've ever had. If anyone knows of really good ones, feel free to drop me a note. Especially if there's squid ink involved. This one is done with squid ink, white wine and seafood.

It seems that quite a number of people that I know have had concerns about having squid ink pastas. It looks either unappetizing or it's a worry for having black teeth. I have no such concerns. Lol. I was quite impressed by the aroma from the rice. It's probably the stock and the squid ink. The risotto actually came with decent portions of scallops, prawns and little squid rings. Not apparent at first sight though. What I had in mind with the seafood description of the menu painted quite a different picture.

Sitting on a paper boat, the Tagliolini con Aragosta didn't appear to be impressive. In very regular tasting tomato sauce and lobster flesh that's a little tougher than I was expecting, I didn't find anything compelling about the pasta. But for $27, it was probably one of the more affordable lobster pastas around. I know what I'll avoid the next time I'm here though. Which brings me to the dessert.

I remember mentioning that tiramisus for me are generally a shot in the dark. I decided on this here because it's Italian and usually with them, they are not too bad. It appeared okay I guess. I was not really sure what my beef with this, but I didn't really enjoy the tiramisu here as much as I thought I would. There's something about it that set it apart from most others and I couldn't quite identify what about it which I didn't take to.


lol said...

hey, the next time u return to pasta brava, do try their squid ink pasta and pumpkin ravioli! The last time we were there, we had this and it was most excellent!

LiquidShaDow said...

I've had squid ink sauce pasta from Papi and squid ink pasta from Ma Maison before. I found the latter better actually though I have no idea why. I do intend to try the pumpkin ravioli. It is on my list of to try items from Pasta Brava.