Friday, December 15, 2006


Hog's Breath prime ribDinner with my brother. It seemed that the standards of the prime ribs at Hog's Breath is either falling sharply of late or are becoming terribly inconsistent during peak hours. Tonight's dinner was off from their usual standards and while it was filling, was far from satisfying. It wasn't that long ago when I last visited and I remember enjoying the meat. Tonight's prime rib tasted flat. The char flavour was barely getting across. It was also a lot more fatty than usual. The El Grando also came without the usual jalapenos (I had to ask for them) which I thought was
Hog's Breath prime ribsomething that shouldn't have happened, mistake or not. I mean, I'm sure people didn't order this just for cheese sauce. I should've just ordered the plain prime rib and just requested for jalapenos instead which would've been much better. The cheese and salsa were drowning out what little flavour that is left of the prime rib. I think I should lay off this place for a long while before revisiting.

Hog's Breath apple crumble
On recommendation by Junie, I took a shot at their apple crumble. Which looked rather different from what I expected out apple crumbles. It looked like a square block and only crumbled when you cut it. Despite appearances, it was quite good. Savoury sweet with light pastry, cream and caramel. Nice when eaten hot.

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