Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Coffee Club, Hotel Rendezvous

Lunch with Gweezer. I came here today because I remembered having their garlic prawn pasta before, and it being quite tasty and inexpensive. It seems that memory has again betrayed me as it is came different from what I had remembered. It's a glaring reminder of Mr Bean where the differences could have been attributed to the fact that I haven't eaten there for years. Has my taste changed so much or was it really a differently done thing?

I hear that this has been a rather talked about dish because there have been more than a few people who have been asking me if I've had it and I've always given them the same affirmative reply saying that I liked it. It's time to re-program my automated reply to that.

Lunch began with an interesting mushroom, pesto & parmesan frittata.

The frittata is pretty good. The omelette comes soft, almost akin to densely layered steamed egg with portebello mushrooms buried inside. The egg is generously drizzled in olive oil and some pesto. The overall taste was light in flavor and texture the portions were pretty generous.

The garlic prawn pasta definitely didn't arrive as I remembered, so I'm really wondering if I remembered it wrong. I remembered al dente and this looks and tastes like it had been pan fried on a wok. It's also spicier than I recall and from the picture you can see that the spaghetti is really cut up. It's much better than what Mr Bean offers, however there's too much of a reminder of each other. The slick oily aftertaste somehow didn't sit that well. So, I guess it'll be the last time I'm eating this.


Junie said...

hmm.. not sure why u didnt like the garlic prawn pasta. i quite like it the last few times i had it. Perhaps its inconsistency.

LiquidShaDow said...

Perhaps it is inconsistency. It's really not how I remembered it. Does it look like how you last had it?

Junie said...

Looks wise.. hmm.. it does look somewhat like the one i had. ur pasta looks like its very short though. U can view my latest visit here..

i actually have quite a few entries on this.

LiquidShaDow said...

It does look somewhat different to me. Yours doesn't look like it has cut up spaghetti for one. Can't really see what other differences apart from that. But i remember liking it when I first had it.