Thursday, December 21, 2006

wham!burger, China Square Foodcourt

Checked out this burger joint today with fatpig at the basement of China Square's food court after hearing about it being mentioned several times on some web forums. Not surprisingly, the hype over the burger was way bigger than taste. The store didn't look like it had any queue in the face of the lunch crowd. The wham!burger came sized like Botak Jones' burgers, with slightly tastier patties. But those patties also fell apart easily like those in the Botak Burgers. The bread was dry and porous, reminding me of the cheap bread used in Ramly Burgers. It did come buttered. We were told while ordering that the double whammy required advance notice for the portabello mushrooms. Wtf!? At $9, a double whammy with egg and no mushrooms felt a little pricey. Well, it was not bad, it's just not great after all the hype...

So the verdict is, I probably won't be back for more. Despite my several at $16, überburger's sirloin burger was a lot heartier and tasted better. With location and the price, I don't think this wham!burger came close enough to being worth the trouble.

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