Monday, September 27, 2021

Barakhath, Dalhousie Lane

Barakhath, fish kurma rice meal

Came to know of this eatery recently (11 Dalhousie Lane) and came by for lunch. These guys serve Indian rice meals. There's a menu with a bunch of dishes one could order and then there are specific items that are available on each day of the week. I got their fish kurma which was a Wednesday dish.

Barakhath, fish kurma

I liked it. The fish they used was Spanish mackerel - or commonly also known locally as batang. The meat was more moist than I had expected. Loved those pickled green chilli and onions that they added in the kurma

Barakhath, rice

This rice meal came with regular rice because their basmati wasn't ready. It was pretty good with the kurma, the tangy sambal from the hard boiled eggs along with the pickles they served on the side.

Barakhath, Dalhousie Lane

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