Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Golden Brown at Akashi

Akashi, Paragon

Word out was that Akashi started selling burgers trying to beat the poor business during the pandemic. That burger business, Golden Brown, was initially on Oddle just for delivery but you can order them at the restaurant and eat there now. 

Akashi, pitan tofu

Can't be sure if this was the first time we were having their pitan tofu but they were not bad. Savoury sweet with the century egg yolk flavour prominent in the sauce.

Akashi, ebi katsu hambaga
Akashi, ebi katsu hambaga

I haven't had many ebi katsu burgers but this ebi katsu baga from Akashi was likely the best one I've ever eaten. Frills free with nothing but Kewpie mayo. In between the brioche, that thick ebi katsu patty was made with both minced and whole prawns. Crisp on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. One could taste the sweetness from those prawns. Freshly made on order. 

Akashi, double cheese hambaga
Akashi, double cheese hambaga

That's their double cheese hambaga. Served with a beef bone broth instead of fries. What I've read about the meat was "minced Aussie chuck roll and strip loin with a 15 percent ratio of wagyu fat". The patty had a nice char and was delicious so maybe that wagyu fat had something to do with it. The sauce and pickled vegetables distracted the flavours from the beef which was a pity. I know it's suppose to be a hambaga but I couldn't taste the cheese so I'm not feeling this. It's not a bad burger, just not one I'll eat again. 

Akashi, bone broth

Wouldn't have known that this was a beef bone broth if I hadn't read about it. There's some sweetness and doesn't otherwise have much flavour or salt.

Akashi, tanuki

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