Thursday, February 03, 2022

A Suju lunch before the lunar new year

Suju, Mandarin Gallery
(十一十二十三十四, 十五)

Our peaceful lunch at Suju before this Chinese New Year. The restaurant was opened till 3.30pm on the CNY's eve. So there's a head's up on where else one could eat out on that particular holiday's eve.

Suju, ooebi tempura

Got a couple of their ooebi tempura.

Suju, sake harasu

Sake harasu was a special on their lunch menu. Don't recall ever seeing them on their menu before. The fat laced belly meat nicely done without being excessively sweet with the teriyaki glaze. Now that I'm thinking of it again, was that miso or teriyaki...

Suju, misozuke iberico pork

Their Iberico pork misozuke was on the lunch special as well - this dish as I recall is normally available during dinner only.

Suju, gohan

Did not get the nama tamago today. Next time.

Suju, Mandarin Gallery

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