Saturday, February 19, 2022

Astons Specialities, Cross Street Exchange

Astons Specialities, Cross Street Exchange

We learnt of this branch of Astons Specialities (#01-105 Cross Street Exchange, 18 Cross Street, tel : +65 6970 8177) some time ago while we were in the vicinity and had wanted to see if they were on par with the Cathay branch. We've ended up at Zazz Pizza every time we've been in this building. Until now. 😬

Astons Specialities, spanish chestnut pork

They have Spanish chestnut pork on menu. Looked to be a limited time item so we tried. The meat was bone on, pleasantly tender and had delicious bits of fat around for flavour. I hope this pork stays on for much longer because I would love to get it again.

Astons Specialities, cheeseburger

Trying their cheeseburger for the first time. Pretty hefty and basic. I liked that there wasn't much to mess up that cheeseburger profile flavour. A couple of things bothered me. The cheese wasn't melted onto the patty when they served the burger - not a biggie but that kinda revealed that they had likely rested the meat before putting on the cheese rather than having the cheese on while the meat was still on the grill. Unless it was the latter and the cheese still hadn't melted. 😱

The other thing was that the burger came with a salad. I know that they're a business and sometimes they need to charge us for a side which some might not appreciate. I would much prefer it if they allowed us to choose a side we wanted (like what they do for their other plates) rather than force the salad on us.

Astons Specialities, Cross Street Exchange

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