Saturday, February 05, 2022

Tokyo Sundubu, Raffles City

Tokyo Sundubu, oyster

I gathered that Tokyo Sundubu (#B1-16 Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road, tel : +65 6252 2425) is Japanese Korean. Meaning that they're a Japanese chain doing sundubu jjigae which is Korean. They have a number of toppings for their soft tofu stew here. We ordered the one with oysters and another with mentaiko cheese. They were both pretty good.

Tokyo Sundubu, mentaiko cheese

I liked that the pot with the oyster had oyster flavour infused in the spicy broth. There were like five oysters in there, pretty fat ones and also had a pretty hefty price tag for the bowl. Between that and the other, I liked the mentaiko cheese better because of how much more savoury it was. 

Tokyo Sundubu, rice

There's namuru on the side - a vegetable side dish. Made a almost passable bibimbap with the bowl of rice. Almost. They also gave a pittance of gochujang when I asked for some so the better way is to dump the vegetables and rice into the jjigae when you're ready and eat.

Tokyo Sundubu, Raffles City

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