Monday, February 21, 2022

Sonny's Pizza, Circular Road

Sonny's Pizza, Circular Road

Came across Sonny's Pizza (17 Circular Road, tel : +65 9822 4825) some weeks back by chance. I remembered them because they looked the closest thing to a NY pizza shop I've been to (I'm excluding Lombardi's obviously) and in retrospect, also had pies that tasted the closest to a NY slice. While I'm no expert in those, gut says that Sonny's more legit than John's Pizzeria.

Sonny's Pizza, pepperoni 18"

Despite what the menu shows, there're only 18" pies. One can get them by slice(s) or by the whole. There's a pretty good pepperoni one; lightly smoky and I'm noticing for the first time, a faint anise flavour from the pepperoni. Fennel?

Sonny's Pizza, pepperoni hot honey

One can extend the flavour of the pepperoni slices by drizzling them with their hot honey which added a bit of heat amid the sweetness on top of the savoury smokiness.

Sonny's Pizza, i'm going green

Mundane tasting I'm Going Green slice with Béchamel, mushrooms and herbs. Don't know what herbs were those though.

Sonny's Pizza, gm pizza

The other GM Pizza was a little rich tasting and got cloying after a while from the Hollandaise.

Sonny's Pizza, saigon stunner

Other than the pepperoni pizza, the other one that I liked was their Saigon Stunner - a tomato slice with minced beef, a betel leaf pesto and fish sauce. This was kinda like a bo la lot in pizza form. Something about the earthy betel pesto and the pungent fish sauce made this appealing.

Sonny's Pizza, hot honey and...

Hot honey and ranch - that's what I thought they said. The latter which was recommended for the cornicione had plenty of dill. Nicest tasting "ranch" I've ever come across.

Sonny's Pizza, black kite golden ale

There's a bunch of beer in their fridge. Tried a few and this Black Kite Golden which was the cheapest was also the better as a light beer without fancy flavours and had a smooth floral finish. Tasted like the Golden Ale from Brewerkz.

Sonny's Pizza, Circular Road

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