Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brewerkz after all these years

Brewerkz was known for many things. The pioneer of microbrewer-ism on this land. A good time with friends. The still respectable Golden Ale. A menu that used to be the bar (pun unintended for once) for food in a watering hole. A surprising blue cheese burger. A surprising Reuben; at least they used to.

The years have worn some of their veneer away. The food menu adjusted at some point and pretty much went southwards. Quite a bit of what I thought differentiated them went away and have been gone for good. Their beer selection's still pretty decent though.

I haven't eaten here for years. Here's a Hawaiian pizza. I was asked to choose between the tomato base or the garlic one so this was garlic. Loved the garlic in it. Crust was bread-y and the texture of it was more naan than pizza base to me. But these guys aren't exactly known for great pizza and my expectations weren't high. I ordered it because it was the only Hawaiian that I know of that had jalapeño and black olives. Which I thought was a nice touch.

The mozzarella was bland, canned pineapples were possibly the cheapest around and those honey baked ham looked extra re-constituted if you know what I meant. This pizza was a nice idea that never got the quality of ingredients it needed to gain its own identity.

They've satay on the menu. Though most locals wouldn't actually call these satay. An accurate description would be grilled chicken on skewers. There's no discernible satay marinade on the chicken. Which was a waste. They've already a good foundation from the chunky skewers to follow through.

Also their thick satay gravy which was made with cashews was already 75% amazing. A little tweak to the recipe and they probably could have one of the most awesome satay gravy around (maybe 85% amazing). But things never got that far. Because tourist probably wouldn't appreciate them or know better anyway.

Fish and chips had a grill option for the fish. It's kinda nice. Fish was a little too small. Still better than their regular fried variety which was a brick of grease laden batter that had been shrinking over the years. I'm not sure why they had ever thought that their batter was a good idea. I've never liked the thickness.

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