Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Kotobuki, One Raffles Place

Kotobuki, deluxe bakumori

These guys are just next door to Healthy Soba IKI. We've seen them for a while and well, we're here. Getting to the point, I thought this place is overpriced and wouldn't recommend it. That deluxe bakumori don up there didn't feel very deluxe for $40. It was small. Didn't have the minced toro the menu mentioned. The yellowtail (buri or hamachi I don't know) was omitted and they quietly replaced with mekajiki. Uni was so so. Kinda mediocre there without quantity nor quality.

Kotobuki, aburi sake bakumori

Their aburi sake bakumori don was not bad. For some cubed salmon and mentai mayo over rice, $28 was expensive. To add on, the rice from both bakumori dons were stiff and dry. I get the feeling that these guys simply didn't give a flying f......

Kotobuki, unagi shirayaki

Unagi shirayaki was no good. The eel was dry-ish and burnt. While some may think it unfair to compare with shops like say Man Man, I'm pretty sure one can find better than this place. Will not be back.

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