Friday, February 04, 2022

More food from Xi'an Famous Food (西安名吃)

Xi'an Famous Food (西安名吃), pao mo 泡馍

We're back at Xi'an Famous Food (西安名吃). I ordered their pao mo thinking that I'd be getting 羊肉泡馍. It was indeed a 泡馍 but not specifically the 羊肉 rendition because the menu indicated one could choose between beef or lamb. So what they were serving was a generic 泡馍 where the broth didn't have any distinct flavour from the meat that was in it. Didn't taste bad but I'm probably not getting it again. The pickled garlic and fermented bean chilli on the side were awesome though.

Xi'an Famous Food (西安名吃), xinjiang chicken noodles

This was their carb-y Xinjiang chicken noodle (大盘鸡拌面) - possibly spun off from the 新疆大盘鸡 dish with the same flat noodles as their biang biang mian. With potatoes, chicken and what I thought was a more moreish sauce than their biang biang mian. The potatoes and chicken were fried before they were stewed in that mildly spicy sauce. I could see myself coming back for this again.

Xi'an Famous Food (西安名吃), Toa Payoh Central

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