Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Getting cheesy at Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu, Raffles City

I didn't think that I could definitively discern the mentaiko from the bowl I had the last time so I went straight for just the cheese sundubu with extra cheese. It's one portion more of that shredded mozzarella.

Tokyo Sundubu, namuru

Today's namuru was different. I was thinking that these things don't get changed up but apparently they do. The vegetables for this round were pretty peppery. 

Tokyo Sundubu, double cheese sundubu

Didn't look like there was that much cheese even after that extra portion but it was enough to manage some stringy cheese pulls.

Tokyo Sundubu, double cheese sundubu rice

Like I mentioned the last time, it was a better idea to just get the rice into the sundubu pot and eat after mixing.

Tokyo Sundubu, potato cheese chijimi

Tried their potato cheese chijimi. Loved those crispy crusty edges which were not very salty. The pancakes had slices of potato in them so that was mostly what they tasted of. This turned out better than I had imagined. Wouldn't mind them again.

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