Wednesday, February 09, 2022

A couple of "strawberry bottle" beverages from LiHO's Korean Strawberry series

K Strawberry Magic Spirulina

I'm generally not big on bubble tea. I do like a few drinks from some of the tea stalls but they're mostly fruity and tea-y. This was the K-Strawberry Magic Spirulina from LiHO. I was mostly curious about the blue spirulina they added into the milk. I was quite sure I tasted coconut in this but I don't understand how. There wasn't enough of the crushed strawberries in the drink for a strawberry drink. Oh well......

A week later...
K Strawberry Jing Syuan

I preferred this K-Strawberry Jing Syuan which was essentially a strawberry tea. Jing Syuan (金萱) as I've learnt is a varietal of oolong. That and the blended strawberries made a better (also more refreshing) pairing than the coconut-y spirulina mix above.

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