Friday, March 18, 2022

Oysters at Putien and more

Putien, oyster juice

The Oyster Festival is back at Putien. We came back to our favourite branch at Great World and this time round, we were very intrigued by their oyster juice so we ordered one to try. Just kidding. That's soursop juice.

Putien, herbal tiger prawn soup

We did order something that we've always overlooked - their herbal tiger prawn soup. A soup we never knew we wanted until today. Man was it flavourful from the herbs and wine with a moreish savoury sweetness. That tiger prawn was fresh and sweet as well.

Putien, oyster bee hoon

This pan fried oyster bee hoon was something we've had previously. One could catch a whiff of the aroma of the oysters from just the bee hoon itself. Only egg yolks were used for the egg component of this dish. Nice.

Putien, seaweed oyster fried egg

This was also a second go at their seaweed oyster omelette. This had enough flavours from the oysters and seaweed stuffed in the fried egg that it didn't even need sprucing from their delicious lime-y chilli sauce.

Putien, deep fried oysters with dried chilli (辣子鲜海蛎)

The oyster dish that was new this time round were the deep fried ones with dried chilli (辣子鲜海蛎). These were basically the oyster versions of 辣子鸡. I noticed that they hadn't overdone the batter and had infused a moderated amount of flavours from those chilli and pepper that the oysters weren't overwhelmed. 👍🏼 Thought was definitely put into this rendition. However if one was looking for something up the Scoville scale, these ain't it. 

Putien, spinach in supreme stock

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