Saturday, March 26, 2022

More McRambles

McDonald's, original angus cheeseburger

That's the original Angus cheeseburger from McD. Got that sans ketchup. It's actually kinda nice - at almost double the price of their double cheeseburger. Pretty sure McD would get a lot more respect if the regular cheeseburger tasted like this. I liked how the slight sweetness from brioche-y bun worked with the rest of the ingredients in the sandwich.

McDonald's, matcha latte

Years ago they used to have a matcha latte with espresso at McCafe. It only remained on the menu for a while before they took it off and subsequently, I continued to get the drink by just ordering a regular matcha latte with additional couple of shots of espresso. Same drink. 

Today, a McCafe lady told me that I would have to order it through the kiosk and only when we confronted her about the lack of options in the kiosk that she admitted that she also didn't know how to process the order. Now why would she have attempted that feeble misdirection? We were subsequently directed to another staff who told us that such an order was not possible. She lied. McDonald's must have taught her to lie. Because another someone else that looked like she was in charge came by to help us process this.

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