Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Aloha Burger from Jollibee

Jollibee, aloha burger

The Aloha Burger from Jollibee has the same beef patties they use for their "burger steak"/Yumburger - which tastes semi mysterious in a cheap manner but also strangely addictive to the point that I might describe them as delicious. That and lettuce, bacon, cheese and a ring of pineapple with their Aloha sauce. I don't actually know what's in that Aloha sauce but...

Jollibee, aloha burger

...the page that many burger joints can take from this particular humble fast food is not to over-sauce the burger. Especially if the rest of the ingredients in said burger are good enough to sell themselves. Unless those burger joints had never thought that way about their burgers. 

I liked that this wasn't over-sauced. Delicious without being overbearing and there was that tangy sweetness from the pineapple which made sense with the salt from the other ingredients in the sandwich. I'd eat this again.

Jollibee, Lucky Plaza

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