Monday, March 14, 2022

Myung Ga (맛집) III, Beauty World

Myung Ga (맛집) III, Beauty World

We had lunch here (#04-04 Beauty World, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, tel : +65 6835 0877) today. Presumably, this is a sibling stall to Myung Ga II. Banchan's not memorable here. The only item worth getting refills was the kimchi

Myung Ga III, chadol sukju

Tried their chadol sukju - thin sliced beef brisket stir fried with bean sprouts. Not good. The bean sprouts were fine but the beef was dry and a little tough with minimal flavour. Not worth half of what they were charging.

Myung Ga III, doganitang

My first doganitang I think. It was unspectacular as there wasn't anything I could identify with the broth except pepper. Was much more drinkable after squeezing some lemon into it. There weren't much tendons in there unlike the picture in the menu. 

Myung Ga III, godeungeo gui

The godeungeo gui was nice. I liked that the grilled mackerel was firm yet tender on top of being flaky. The flavour of the meat was rich without being excessively fishy. Most impressive item we've had today.

Myung Ga (맛집) III, banchan

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