Saturday, October 09, 2021

Myung Ga (맛집) ll, Bukit Timah Plaza

Myung Ga ll, Bukit Timah Plaza

The name Myung Ga II (#B1-55 Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, tel : +65 6469 5123) popped up numerous times while I was searching for Korean food along Upper Bukit Timah area. We came by for the first time today. Restaurant looked like some sort of cosy Korean diner.

Myung Ga ll, banchan

Banchan was refillable except for the omelette which was for only the first serving. Nothing too fancy here - there's kimchi, myulchi bokkeum (anchovies & peanuts) and some seaweed thingy.

Myung Ga ll, dongaseu donggasu donkkaseu

We wanted a go at their donggasu. Large slice of breaded fried pork thinner than tonkatsu slathered in a creamy sauce I am still at a loss to describe. There was sweetness in it and I think one of the ingredients might be ketchup. As we ate, we realized that this fried pork drenched in sauce was kinda addictive. Those yellow pickles on the side were invigoratingly sour. 

Myung Ga ll, yulmu daenjang bibimbab menu

Here was a point I got a little confused. I ordered something call yulmu daenjang bibimbab on the menu which translated to a bibimbap with summer radishes. I didn't know what were the blacked out parts in Korean. The confusion was - yulmu from what I could tell is Job's tears. Didn't sound like that was in my bowl. Later on I found out that it might have been yeolmu instead. 

As far as I could tell, there weren't any radishes in the bibimbap......

Myung Ga ll, yulmu daenjang bibimbab
Myung Ga ll, yulmu daenjang bibimbab

......and I thought I had I ended up with a regular vegetable bibimbap. Not that it tasted bad. I emptied the seaweed and kimchi from the banchan, squeezed in some gochujang and ended up with a fermented bean-y spicy vegetable rice with a lot of crunch.

Myung Ga ll, Bukit Timah Plaza

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