Saturday, October 30, 2021

BurgerLabo, Malan Road

BurgerLabo, Malan Road

This is the restaurant formerly known as Nekkid and was also formerly Naked Finn (which has since relocated to a short distance across the road). It's BurgerLabo (41 Malan Road, tel : +65 6694 0940) today - a culmination of the burger forays which has started at Naked Finn years back

BurgerLabo, double beef

That's their basic burger with double patties. What the menu describes is...

"Blend of 100% grass-fed Aberdeen Angus (Argentina) & Kuroge Washu from Toriyama Umami Wagyu (Japan) A4 patty, grilled a la plancha. Topped with red onions pickled in IPA, American cheese, wagyu fats and house-made shio kombu mayonnaise-based sauce. Sandwiched in a toasted bun baked specially for us by Bakery Brera. Served with shoestring truffle fries topped with grated Parmesan cheese."

Sounds impressive? I thought so. But they've always been quite good at marketing what they sold. Pretty good tasting patty with a coarse mince of meat described in the menu I'm assuming. It's hefty and stout. It has presence. I liked the nice browning of the crust. What slipped here was the light hand with the salt. Just thought it would be nicer with more salt. With the mayo/onions, this burger tasted like the grand father of Big Mac. Seriously. The flavour profile as a whole was similar. So the outcome of all the r&d was an atas Big Mac.

BurgerLabo, double cod + aji

This is their atas Filet O Fish. Deep fried cod burger. What the menu describes is...

"Deep-fried breaded line-caught blue cod (Parapersis colias) fillet from New Zealand. Topped with American cheese and shio kombu mayonnaise with smashed avocado and chopped pickles. Sandwiched in a warm toasted bun baked specially for us by Bakery Brera. Served with shoestring truffle fries topped with grated Parmesan cheese."

You could double the fried cod or add an aji fry for a bit more intensity to the fish flavour. We did both. To be fair, this was a step up from just an atas Filet O Fish because the aji added depth to the sandwich. Not just physical depth but also the flavour. That shio kombu mayo + avocado and pickles was basically BurgerLabo's spin on Japanese tartare sauce. Presumably the avocado takes the place of the eggs. Tasted like tartare sauce with dill and avocados. Not bad. Had that tangy smooth richness which paired nicely with the delicately flavoured fried cod.

BurgerLabo, madagascar vanilla shake

BurgerLabo has milkshake. Only three flavours - yes that three. This was the Madagascan vanilla. It's creamy and not very thick so it's easy to drink with the straw. Flavour was a pretty intense vanilla. Nice.

BurgerLabo, Malan Road

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