Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Queenstown Lontong, Tanglin Halt Food Centre

Queenstown Lontong, Tanglin Halt Food Centre

Ahhh....finally. Been trying to get to Queenstown Lontong (#01-21 Tanglin Halt Food Centre, 1A Commonwealth Drive) for their lontong for a while. Now that the kuih jongkong season is over, they're open for regular operations again.

Queenstown Lontong, lontong

Asked for extra serunding which the proprietress cheerfully obliged. That added a spiced richness and sweetness to the already creamy coconut gravy. Enjoyed how deliciously salty and savoury their begedils are. That and the mild heat from the sambal. I don't know if one can actually imagine the combined bunch of flavours without having had these before.

Queenstown Lontong, paru goreng

Of course I had some paru goreng on the side. Didn't realize these came with more serunding, sweet sambal and fried ikan bilis. So here's a new experience here. Ikan bilis + serunding  or ikan bilis + sambal = nice. Layer those on the paru, also delicious.

Queenstown Lontong, Tanglin Halt Food Centre

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