Sunday, October 03, 2021

Tempura Makino, Suntec City

Tempura Makino, Suntec City

There's been a bit of chatter on Tempura Makino which has opened at Suntec City (#02-305/308/311 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard). I had the impression that these guys are supposed to be tempura specialists. I think. Right? While I was curious, we were also skeptical. After all, social media is always full of buzz even through the sludge that is mediocrity. More often than not - especially so when it is through the sludge that is mediocrity.

I know it's not fair to compare this guys with Tenshin so I won't. Not even going to talk about Tenjin which I liked better on hindsight.

Tempura Makino, Suntec City

But I did want to point out that we were graced by the other half of Jeff Goldblum's character in his 1986 horror which could be spotted quietly hanging out on the bronzed tempura dome.

Tempura Makino, Suntec City

The first two thirds of our order for some reasons came together in a plate. There's scallops (not bad but Anzu kinda got their timing better), corn (couldn't beat Suju) on partial cob, kisu fish, maitake (tasteless mushroom that was mostly batter, have had better), prawns and nasu. Was very disappointed with how these people had handled the maitake.

Tempura Makino, Suntec City

Bacon wrapped asparagus and mentaiko were decent. Actually I liked the mentaiko but it had nothing much to do with them being tempura. It was salty, spicy and delicious with rice.

Tempura Makino, oysters

Oysters didn't taste bad but the batter was kinda thick. And soaked with oil if your eagle eye hasn't caught on.

Tempura Makino, steak

The tempura steak was being sucked dry of juices as it was served. Most of the flavour came from the shiso at the beginning and at some point, if you were still chewing and not swallowed already, a bit of the beef flavour came through. Wouldn't bother with this again.

Tempura Makino,  Okinawan Mozuku Seaweed

I had hoped that they would surprise and do something good with the fried Okinawan mozuku. Also disappointing. Not much flavour coming from the seaweed. Most of the taste was the batter and the oil that was trapped in it. For better tasting tempura seaweed, there's Nirai Kanai's rendition.

Tempura Makino,  uni ohba

Should have read the warning signs on the uni from how much they charged. This wasn't enjoyable.

Tempura Makino, tempura egg

Their tempura egg was pretty good though. Came with a nice tare.

Tempura Makino, tempura egg on rice

Good with their rice but not yet.

Tempura Makino, tempura egg on rice with molten yolk

More like this with the bleeding molten yolk.

Tempura Makino, soba

Chilled soba was not bad tasting.

Tempura Makino, Suntec City

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