Monday, October 04, 2021

Al Azhar, Cheong Chin Nam Road

Al Azhar, how is this teh tarik?

Let me first rant. A peeve of mine that's emerged in recent years are QR scan menus. I don't begrudge that they're used in the name of hygiene these days but it doesn't change how I feel about horrendously designed interfaces for tiny mobile screens that originated from larger menus. Menus like those from Al Azhar (11 Cheong Chin Nam Road). I won't go into the details.

Anyways, these guys have been around for years and I'm pretty sure I've eaten here maybe a few times. Never wrote about them for some reasons. So here's a start. Teh tarik. How is that teh tarik? I don't see the effects of any tarik-ing. QR menu had some options for the teh which included something in the effect of having stronger tea. We chose that stronger tea checkbox but this tasted a little weak even for regular teh.

Al Azhar, roti plaster

If you're wondering, this was two roti plaster stacked up. The top one had the yolk say about 75% solid so I was kinda disappointed. The floury chewy prata was nice. I enjoy them that way as well. In fact, I like these kind better than the crispy ones. But the eggs still got to me because it was poorly done. Chicken curry on the side was spicily moreish.  

Al Azhar, vegetable dum briyani

We ordered a vegetable briyani. I didn't feel like this had enough vegetables in a vegetable briyani. Frozen peas/carrots/corns, a couple of cauliflower tops and wedges of potatoes. Kinda pricey for $7.50. But. Yes there's a but. There's a load of ghee in there. Which was what saved it. So much ghee that I did a 0.2 second pause for every spoonful of that buttery flavoured rice. I feel confused now.

Al Azhar, hariyali chicken tikka

Not much flavour from mint or coriander from their chicken hariyali tikka. Just salty, a little smokey and maybe a little yoghurt-y. Meat was frozen, not fresh and that was apparent from the texture. Not to mention that they were also kinda dry and stringy. Will not get these again or any other chicken tikka/tandoori thingies from this shop.

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