Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Gogijip (고깃집), Tanjong Pagar Road

We were here at The Gogijip (72 Tanjong Pagar Road, tel : +65 6224 0667) because they have a lunch set which has ganjang gejang - something which we were keen on exploring further after the recent episode at Ko Ryo Jeong. These guys are apparently also known for cuts of Iberico pork so we ordered some jowl and pig's skin for the grill too.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), banchan

Service was uncannily speedy. Shortly after the order slips were printed, banchans were served. Kimchi and tofu were good. The latter had a sauce which reminded me of the flavour of the red sauce from chee cheong fun.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), for saam

Following closely with the banchan were the condiments and vegetables for the wrap. The condiment beside the ssamjang tasted like yuja & chilli with a blend of flavours that were citrus sweet, had a fruity tanginess and was spicy altogether.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), ganjang gejang

That ganjang gejang lunch set came with only one crab. Pretty decent I would say but not as enjoyable as those we had from Ko Ryo Jeong because these were a bit fishier. I suspect wonder if there were differences in the quality of the crabs for the lunch sets and the full priced ones.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), rice jeon seaweed soup

There's rice, some mini jeons and a seaweed soup that came with said set.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), seaweed soup

That seaweed soup had chunks of beef in it. The soup itself was also a little beefy. Nice.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), ganjang gejang rice

The crab which we had gotten didn't have much roe/tomalley. 

The Gogijip (고깃집,), iberico jowl

That's the Iberico jowl we ordered. Check out the fat marbling.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), pig's skin

That's the pig's skin.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), grill

Onto the grill they go.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), ssam

See ssam-thing familiar? Heh!

The Iberico jowl was fatty, chewy and full of flavour. All the richness made it a good candidate for the ssam which would have slices of garlic, chilli, pickled onions, ssamjang and a lettuce wrap to cut through all the oil richness. The same items also mellowed the porcine strength from the pig's skin as well.

The Gogijip (고깃집,), Tanjong Pagar Road

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