Friday, October 29, 2021

A Bun Dance

Abundance, ondeh ondeh porter

Here's revisiting Abundance. Starting with a glass of craft beer on tap - the Ondeh Ondeh Porter from Sunbird Brewing Company which was a pleasant surprise. Why? The caramel malty sweetness with the coconut-y taste pretty much delivered the ondeh ondeh promise. I couldn't tell when the malt ended the gula melaka began.

Today's fizzy lemon tea also had more fizz. 👍🏼

Abundance, bacon cabbage

Intrigued by the bacon cabbage dish because it was cabbage stir fried in garlic, chilli oil and bacon. It's the same chilli oil/sauce/thingy they used for their red hot chilli dumplings/红油抄手. Bacon added smokiness. This was nicely done because the cabbage was properly cooked without rawness while maintaining a good crunch in their textures.

Abundance, prawn bao

There's a prawn bao. Only for this month according to them. Very competently done egg floss with curry leaves and chilli on top of the chunky prawn patty doused with salted egg sauce. I'm gonna stop at 'this was so good'.

Abundance, taiwanese beef noodles

Just to get it out of the way, I thought this beef noodle was better than the one at Din Tai Fung. The reason I started getting the beefless beef broth noodles there was because I had beef with the beef. Whew! 

Abundance, taiwanese beef noodles

The beef in this bowl was tender and readily yielded to even the toothless. The robust and glassy oxblood broth had a good intense flavour consisting of spices, a savoury depth and a bit of heat. Love the undulating smoothness of their broad noodles as well. Yes - it was better then Din Tai Fung in my opinion.

Abundance, mala popcorn chicken

Mala popcorn chicken was pretty decent munching. This was Taiwanese fried chicken in popcorn form with some mala powder. There's a nice bit of heat and aroma from the Szechuan peppers but it's doesn't exactly 麻 nor was it very 辣. I don't think it was meant to be.

Abundance, peanut ice cream roll

So there - the peanut ice cream roll that was suppose to pack coriander. The coriander couldn't make it and that was absolutely fine by me. Not bad tasting.

Abundance, Lengkok Bahru

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