Sunday, October 03, 2021

Wild Child Pizzette, Circular Road

Wild Child Pizzette, Circular Road

Wild Child Pizzette (50 Circular Road, tel : +65 6970 6592) is a new pizza bar/restaurant by The Cicheti Group, the folks behind Cicheti, Bar Cicheti and Caffe Cicheti. What they've done to distinguish themselves from their previous restaurants are a focus on their 10" Neapolitan styled pizzas. I've generally thought well of Cicheti and their pizzas so it would be inevitable that we'd come by.

Wild Child Pizzette, kurobuta pork belly

There's roasted kurobuta pork belly on the menu. By another name - also known as siew yoke/shao rou (烧肉). Meat had a salt and pepper marinade and I had perhaps caught a subtle star anise in the flavour. I'm not sure. Pretty tasty but as we got to the last pieces, it became less peppery and more salty. The crackling was also inconsistent with texture ranging from a enjoyable crispiness to "I gotta spit this out!". Those house giardiniera sure helped cut through the rich fattiness of the pork though.

Wild Child Pizzette, spianata calabrese

We tried their spianata calabrese because I wanted to see how different it was from their sopressata. There was a bit of heat but I'm not feeling any Sichuan from the Sichuan chilli honey. Between this and that sopressata, I was more impressed by the latter.

Wild Child Pizzette, fried margherita

Other than satisfying the curiosity in having another fried pizza, this fried Margherita was for comparison to the pizza fritta from Bar Milano. In my not so humble opinion, Wild Child wins by a mile here. The texture of the crust was chewy with a light crisp without being greasy. That along with savouriness and bite which kinda reminded me of you tiao (油条). Loved the milky creaminess from their stracciatella and cheesy saltiness from the Parmigiano Reggiano.

I liked how each ingredient came through for this pizza.

Wild Child Pizzette, pistachio gelato sea salt

Pistachio gelato also pretty good. Creamy and had a good flavour from the nut. I liked the bits of salt inside.

Wild Child Pizzette, Circular Road

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