Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bar Milano, Keong Saik Road

Bar Milano - the window at the bar

New bar/restaurant/place (#01-02, 55 Keong Saik Road) that does pizza fritta - a Neopolitan styled fried pizza. The look of the place almost reminded me of those Venetian bars that served cicheti. Almost.

Bar Milano - cherry tomato prosciutto

Their Bloody Mary is served with a toothpick of cherry tomato and a small fold of prosciutto. It's okay. The standards of regular bar drinks here generally aren't much to write home about. Drinkable stuff.

Bar Milano - fried olives

Their bites were pretty good. These were fried olives stuffed with meat. Not sure what meat they were because between the crisp of the solid breading and the texture of the olives, I couldn't even tell there was meat. Couldn't taste that meat either. That being said, these breaded olives did make good munching.

Bar Milano - steak tartare
Bar Milano - steak tartare

Bar Milano has an awesome steak tartare. Awesome because they added anchovy cream which basically flavour bombed the entire tartare with an umami saltiness. I would come back just for these.

Bar Milano - peaches burrata

Peaches and burrata. Menu mentioned 25 yr old balsamic vinegar if I remembered correctly. I think they should have drizzled that vinegar instead of pan frying the peaches with them because I couldn't tell them from something that's been cheap and reduced over the pan with sugar. Speaking of peaches, I've always imagined them to be sweet and juicy. Like the Yamanashi kind. Usually I get disappointed. This was the same.

Bar Milano - grapefruit rosemary

Some fizzy grapefruit and rosemary drink. Not very fizzy and it felt like the grape fruit flavour all came from that one slice in the drink. Had to squeeze that slice to get those flavours. Have had better.

Bar Milano - pizza fritta Pugliese

They've a few toppings for their pizza fritta. This was their Pugliese - broccolini, anchovy, garlic cream, preserved lemon and chilli. Another flavour bomb which was kickass tasty though most of the flavour came from the centre of the pizza where the toppings were.

If I had to critique, the crust of the pizza fritta was a little greasy and bland. The texture was a soft crisp and no chewiness at all. I imagined that it might have been a little more like a bhatura or poori.

Pugliese - fritto misto

As unexciting as this looked, their fritto misto was nicely done. Bits of octopus, calamari, small shrimp and sticks of zucchini. Had a light and nicely flavoured batter which wasn't excessive. Good enough even without that saffron aioli on the side.

Bar Milano, Keong Saik Road

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