Friday, September 18, 2020

Grilled 海老 and thoughts from Nakajima Suisan

Nakajima Suisan - grilled prawns

Nakajima Suisan has progressed beyond just grilled fish teishoku for a while. We've had oysters, there's scallops and even large grilled prawns. Some of their old specials like the hon maguro nodo and fin (still hoping for the cheeks too) shioyaki have made their regular menu. Tried their prawns today and those were nice and meaty - meat easily stripped off the shells.

Nakajima Suisan - saikyo kinmedai

Those aren't taking over the mainstays anytime. People here still come for the grilled fish. The crowd seem to have gotten crazier. There are queues during off peak hours. Reaching the shop at opening hours simply means that you'd probably miss the first seating and have to wait in line. Here's still wishing that their kinmedai was bigger. 

Nakajima Suisan - Takashimaya

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