Friday, September 04, 2020

Janggut Laksa, Chinatown Point

Janggut Laksa - laksa

We like Janggut Laksa. Have had it a number of times at their stall in Queensway and Food Republic at Wisma. There's a relatively new outpost at Chinatown Point (#B1-49A, 133 New Bridge Road). Pretty pricy for laksa as I've always felt, but they deliver every time we've had them. From the aroma of the hae bi in the gravy when the bowl lands on the table till the last drop of that heart clogging liquid that trickles down your throat.

Janggut Laksa - chicken cutlet curry rice

I'm normally torn between their laksa, chicken cutlet or curry chicken. Obviously, we got the chicken cutlet today. They asked if I wanted curry and I said yes. Didn't realize that the rice that they used was chicken rice rather than plain rice so it was a little greasy there. The chicken cutlets were serviceable. Not fantastic. With the curry on rice, it's a homely kind of tasty. I'm of the opinion that the Queensway shop has a nicer batter for the cutlet than this one. But this one edges over with the chicken rice and achar.

Janggut Laksa - Chinatown Point

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