Monday, September 21, 2020

Chilled yuzu-miso chicken and immunity boost set from Healthy Soba IKI

Healthy Soba IKI - yuzu miso soba

The lemon soba is still around so maybe they're considering to keep that on the menu for good. Or for at least a longer term which is also good news anyways. So I've decided to try something else - the yuzu-miso soba. While it didn't have the same clean citrus clarity as the lemon soba did, it still had an appetizingly tangy broth which also masked the raw flavour from the dou miao. Today, they were also pretty generous with the shirasu in the donburi.

Healthy Soba IKI - immunity boost

The other bowl was from their Immunity Boost Set that featured okura, kimchi, shimeiji and natto. Aside from the dashi base, the dominant flavour came from both the kimchi and the natto. It's not for everyone. I didn't mind it but I'm still trying to get used to the sliminess.

Healthy Soba IKI - shirasu avocado don

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