Sunday, October 24, 2021

Huber's Bistro-lling in October

Huber's Bistro, Dempsey

Here's another stop at Huber's Bistro - eating here usually means that there's something we're getting from the butchery/store. Which has been a number of times over the past few years (, , , , , , , , , , 十一, 十二). Food's not bad and generally a uncomplicated showcase of what one can buy from their butchery to make at home.

Because of the pandemic situation, the indoor seating has been noticeably reduced.

Huber's Bistro, hühnerragoutsuppe

The menu does get changed around a bit now and then. New items do pop up. Like this hühnerragoutsuppe which I cannot pronounce. It's a cream of chicken giblet soup. Not bad. I like the burst of livery flavours from the bits of liver

Huber's Bistro, truffle burger

We ordered a truffle burger from the menu which we've never seen on the breakfast menu before. Mostly because the menu mentioned blue cheese. It also mentioned carrot and orange marmalade which we did not expect to be in the burger. The only time one got to taste the flavour of the beef, a bit of the truffle and blue cheese was when you took a bite at the edges. Otherwise, it was mostly the citrus sweet from the orange marmalade. Strange one.

Huber's Bistro, chicken breast supreme cordon bleu

There's a chicken breast “Supreme” Cordon Bleu. If I had to guess, the "supreme" part of it was the almond crust which was pretty nice. Noticed that their butcher has almond crusted chicken and chicken Cordon Bleu but not almond crusted chicken Cordon Bleu. Moreish-ly savoury with the stuffed Gruyère and ham. The odd part about this was the single bone in the meat which came from a drumlet. I wonder how that connected with the rest of the meat. 

Huber's Bistro, coffee

They've rotated the previous cookies for their coffee out to something....with orange flavour. The previous ones that they use were nicer. It did taste like orange. I just didn't like these as much.

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