Saturday, October 23, 2021

Fook Kin, Killiney Road

Fook Kin, Killiney Road

Been wanting to try Fook Kin (111 Killiney Road) for a while. The restaurant is a collaboration between Roast Paradise and a couple of local radio personalities. Because we thought well of Roast Paradise, we decided to give this outfit a try.

Fook Kin, char siew roast pork
Fook Kin, char siew roast pork

The first to be served were their roasts because they were already done and just needed slicing. Since they were done by the same people, the standards of their roasts were similar to the ones at Roast Paradise. Char siew was arrestingly superb with the fat layering and sweet caramelized surface. Roast pork/siu yoke was not bad as well.

Fook Kin, crab omelette

They have a crab omelette on their menu. Read that it was inspired by Raan Jay Fai. While imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, it was nothing like the one at Raan Jay Fai. Not in appearances nor in taste and quality. Far from it. 

Fook Kin, crab omelette cheese

I added cheese. Quite a bit of the mozzarella pull going on and I liked the milky cheese. With that, I also realized that there was lot more cheese than crab in that omelette. Crab meat didn't taste very good. If that was the amount of crab and the quality we were getting for what they charged, these were more expensive than eating at the pricey Raan Jay Fai.

Fook Kin, triple happiness tofu

Ordered their triple happiness tofu. I'm not sure what forms that triple happiness but they were stingy with the ikura so I'm gonna minus off one happiness there. Liked the sauce with the rest of the toppings on the tofu but not gonna order them again if I come back.

Fook Kin, dragon fruit shrimp fried rice

Under the Classic Dishes section of the menu was their dragonfruit with shrimp fried rice. Don't know whose classics would a dragonfruit fried rice fall under. Rice was wet without aroma - nothing like what we generally know of fried rice. Didn't taste bad but there was nothing assertive about the flavour that would give it an identity. Except for the cashews. And also sweetness from the pork floss and raisins. 

Fook Kin, Killiney Road

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