Saturday, October 02, 2021

A banana mocha at Singtel

Singtel Cafe, robot barista

Singtel has a robot barista at Comcentre. A soulless robotic arm that collects coffee from a coffee machine. No ghost nor human in either machines. One selects an order from the menu, pays and gets a printed receipt with a QR code. Receipt can be scanned and collection point to get the coffee. The process was kinda slow - took a few minutes I think.

Singtel Cafe, order xxxx

I got a banana mocha. $5.90 for coffee from a machine.

Singtel Cafe, banana mocha

Silly me thought that the banana flavour was weak. My fault for not getting a stirrer because all that banana syrup was at the bottom. Didn't realize it until I've almost finished and the remaining drink was diabetes inducing sweet. But for what they charged, I had expected (realistically or not) flavour from a real banana and strength of coffee like the Banana Spin I used to get at Spinelli years ago.

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