Friday, May 26, 2023

$8.50 curry chicken cutlet noodle and 水饺 soup from Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家)

Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家), curry chicken cutlet noodle

I just had the impression that the curry noodles tasted better the last time I had it. Today's curry felt a little thin and I don't think I would have put them in the same leagues as Cantonese Delights.

Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家), 水饺 dumpling soup

Ordered the dumpling soup to try their 水饺. Didn't think much of them at all. Without even comparing them with the king of the hill, these were just mediocre. Wouldn't be getting these again for sure 😂. 

Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家), hong lim food centre

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