Sunday, October 30, 2022

伊面 at The Noodle Memories

The Noodle Memories, ee mian 伊面

That's the same dry chilli bowl like previous time at The Noodle Memories. Changed the noodles to ee mian (伊面) and got some fried hot dogs with it. This was a lot tastier than that previous time. 

The Noodle Memories, ee mian 伊面

I attribute today's improved impression to the ee mian. Their toasted aroma made noticeable difference. Not to mention that it had also a much better bite texture than their regular noodles. Today's chilli was also more intense in comparison. I registered more heat and sweetness from the concoction that sauced the bowl. I can actually see myself looking forward to this.

The Noodle Memories, hong lim food centre

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