Friday, October 21, 2022

Yakiniku Like, VivoCity

Yakiniku Like, VivoCity

Yakiniku Like (#02-60 VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, tel : +65 6974 9954) from Japan opened their first restaurant about a year before Yakiniku-GO which we've been to a couple of times. The former claimed to be Singapore's first restaurant to offer individual electric smokeless grills. And solo yaikiniku.

This was the main driver behind this trip. Suckered by a misleading ad on their social media. I should have been clued in by tsukimi but......

Yakiniku Like, condiments

They have a bunch of sauces, something that didn't seem to be available in Yakiniku-GO. Tried the original, sea salt and garlic soy. Just salt and pepper were still the best for us.

Yakiniku Like, tsukimi set

The only truffle thing in their Truffle Tsukimi Wagyu & Karubi Set was the onsen tamago which had some sort of truffle sauce. Nada on the beef. We thought that there would be. 

It was clear that they wanted to give the impression that the truffle tamago was a separate item and I thought it was also outright misleading for the pictures not to include them as part of the set because they were. We didn't get the impression that it was, so we ordered them separately and ended up with two truffle tamagos per set.

A double whammy of misdirection.

Yakiniku Like, kimchi

Kimchi's nice with the rice. Wished the portions were bigger.

Yakiniku Like, rice

I'm more favourably inclined towards Yakiniku-GO at this point. They have lamb. But when I feel like yakiniku, whichever of them available is going to be as good.

Yakiniku Like, VivoCity

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