Friday, October 28, 2022

A2B Veg Restaurant, Serangoon Road

A2B Veg Restaurant, masala chai

Trying a Indian vegetarian restaurant (276-278 Serangoon Road, tel : +65 6299 2786) which we've noticed the previous times we've passed by when in the vicinity. Just to get this out of the way, the masala chai was smooth like the ones from Komala Vilas. A little light with the spices, but smooth.

A2B Veg Restaurant, ghee pongal

Their ghee pongal was delicious - ghee flavoured obviously and moist with notes from the peppercorn and fennel seeds. That white coconut chutney on the side was deceptively spicy.

A2B Veg Restaurant, mini meal

Got ourselves a mini meal to try their flavoured rice. Curd rice (left) was milky and nothing like the other curd rice which we've had before which were yoghurt-y. The sliced green chillis in there were a pleasant surprise. Sambar rice (middle) was tasty - I'm not sure if it's the same stuff as bisibele bath. The one on the right was pepper rice. Tastiest of the lot if not for the bits of coriander. This was flavoured with pepper, curry leaves, mustard seeds and a bunch of other spices.

A2B Veg Restaurant, kesari

Hidden beneath the chapati was a kesari bath. Nice. Unfortunately, the chapati was a little dried out - might have been left out there for a while.

A2B Veg Restaurant, rava onion masala dosa

Their rava onion masala dosa had bits of crispy toasted onion in them. Dosa as a whole did not taste bad but I think we've had better ones around. 

A2B Veg Restaurant, Serangoon Road

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