Monday, October 24, 2022

Ramen Champion in the last quarter of 2022

Ramen Champion, Bugis +

Ramen Champion appears to be a shadow of its former self. What used to be individual stalls look like they're operating a centralized kitchen with a common collection point - unlike the past where each had their own space with their identity. I don't even know from which some of the ramen are from. 

Updates on their sites are inconsistent and often inadequate. Their social media looks sad. You know it's sad when it's largely filled with influencer posts. 

Is it even still a championship of any sort anymore or are they just a ramen food court these days? 

Ramen Champion, taishoken tsukemen

Anyways, came to try the tsukemen from Taishoken. Not bad. The broth wasn't as thick as I had imagined but it was filled with bonito smokiness and the noodles were respectably chewy. No overpowering flavour from the menma and sadly no molten yolk in the ajitama as well. I recall thinking better of Tetsu from the past though.

Ramen Champion, pork fat stamina ramen

Tried a pork fat stamina ramen. Liked this. Garlicky, salty and full of textures from the cabbage, bean sprouts and the chewy noodles. I think I like the Megamen from Brothers Ramen a bit more. Not to mention that Brothers Ramen has superior pork belly which was importantly more tender. No molten yolk from this ajitama as well. Now which one was this supposed to be from?

Ramen Champion, mentai mayo gyoza

 Mentai-mayo gyozas were okay tasting. 

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