Sunday, October 23, 2022

Revisiting Xing Hua (兴化) at Chinatown Point

Xing Hua (兴化), rice

More food from this branch of Xing Hua. The more we eat here, the more we notice how these guys fall short compared to Putien. 😬

Xing Hua (兴化), string beans

This was described as stir fried long beans (四季豆) with XO sauce. Not sure if this was with any XO sauce at all. Those bits were kinda like spicy dried shrimp/hae bee hiam. Lightly spicy, salted with a light sweetness. Nice. I thought this was a pretty competent rendition of the dish. 

Xing Hua (兴化), salted egg duotou clams

We ordered the salted egg Duotou clams because we hadn't had them in this style before. I wouldn't recommend these. These weren't worth half of what they charged. Most of the plate were shells and batter for the salted egg. Those clams were also small and pretty tasteless. Nothing like the quality one gets at Putien.

Xing Hua (兴化), claypot seafood tofu

Ordered their claypot seafood tofu. Tofu's not bad. There's a couple of slices of fish in there that's pretty muddy tasting and also a couple of sad looking scallops besides those prawns. The dish looked and felt like a obligatory item that was on the menu because someone felt that it needed to be there. Nothing outstanding about this.

Xing Hua (兴化), claypot drunken duck

Tried their claypot drunken duck because we've never had drunken duck before. Remember those boiled to death chicken in chicken soup where the meat has become hard and/or stringy and tasteless. That's what these duck tasted like. Not like duck. The braising soup/broth thingy was delicious though.

Xing Hua (兴化), double boiled red mushroom chicken soup

The chicken from this double boiled red mushroom chicken soup was actually pretty good eating. Tender, salted and easily slurped off the bone. Not dry and stringy like the duck. Not a bad one.

Xing Hua (兴化), Chinatown Point

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