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Xing Hua (兴化), Chinatown Point

Xing Hua (兴化), Chinatown Point

Xing Hua has taken over the spot that used to be Din Tai Fung at Chinatown Point (#02-01/02 Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, tel : +65 6977 9614). The selection on the menu here is larger than their smaller kitchen at Tiong Bahru Plaza. A lot of their dishes are pretty similar to the stuff at Putien - which by the way is a level ahead by having greater finesse with their dishes and periodic seasonal ingredients.

We tried some stuff that weren't available in the menu from Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Xing Hua (兴化), yam cubes sugar fish sauce

Ordered their stir fried yam cubes in sugar and fish sauce for comparison. These ones here have lesser sugar and fish sauce flavour so the flavour leans towards being more yam-my.

Xing Hua (兴化), pig's stomach chicken soup

Deliciously peppery chicken and pig's stomach soup.

Xing Hua (兴化), mocha ribs

These were mocha ribs. I presumed there might be some sort of mocha-ish ingredients used for the sauce. Had the impression that such a dish was more local rather than from the Fu Jian region of China. Then again, the menu did look localized. No mocha flavour, just a like smoky sweetness. Not bad tasting but also not impressive as Chinese pork ribs go.

Xing Hua (兴化), chilli vinaigrette noodles

Menu describes this as noodles in hot chilli vinaigrette - which tasted like mala sauce with a distinct Szechuan peppercorn flavour. After adding their citrus-y chilli sauce, the flavour became more outstanding. Appetizingly so and also cranked up the heat which left my lips burning.

Xing Hua (兴化), seaweed oysters

Those are oysters fried in a seaweed flour batter. Not something that one might normally find at Putien unless it's their seaweed or oyster festival. It's on the regular menu here. These had a dry and crunchy texture with no excessive oil. Savoury and moreish they were.

Xing Hua (兴化), luffa

Luffa I think in some sauce with dried scallops. The luffa didn't have much flavour apart from the light vegetal one that it usually has. Most of the taste came from the sauce which wasn't bad.

Xing Hua (兴化), Chinatown Point

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