Monday, June 27, 2022

Fish and strawberry bagels with dirty chai at Two Men Bagel House

Two Men Bagel House, Holland Village

I've gotten bagels from this Holland Village branch of Two Men Bagel House (into the bagel-verse!           十一 十二 十三 十四 十五 十六) only once. Back then, their outlet bagel was chocolate chip. It's become strawberry bagel for some reasons. Their menu has been revamped to include a bunch of what I guess are historical top sellers and those are available in all their shops.

Two Men Bagel House, dirty chai

Curious about their dirty chai. It's chai with a shot of espresso. So the strawberry bagels......

Two Men Bagel House, lox strawberry bagel

Here's the Lox in one. A smoked salmon bagel that's kinda similar to the Fisherman I've had previously at Tanjong Pagar. The strawberry flavour in the bagel came through for this one so that was nice. Unlike the next one...

Two Men Bagel House, what she order strawberry bagel

...which was What She Order? featuring fried fish, tartar sauce, capers, cheese, dill and some sambal which I couldn't detect. Because this had more going on, less strawberry flavour. Not none. Just less. This reminded of Filet O Fish. Maybe it's fried cod? Both bagels were not bad tasting. 

Two Men Bagel House, Holland Village

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