Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ab Undance

Abundance, Lengkok Bahru

It's been a while since our last visit to Abundance. We made the queue shortly before the place opened and shortly after we were seated, that queue became discouragingly long. Business looks good.

Abundance, peach sour lychee oolong

One of the current brews on tap was a Peach Sour. It was sour and fruity but not exactly peachy. Not bad for our sweltering weather though. The other glass on the right was some lychee oolong concoction. Not getting the tea for that one.

Abundance, crispy chicken bun

I wanted to try the crispy chicken bun. It's kinda like som tam mamuang with peanut sauce on a fried chicken in the buns. Seeing that I much preferred the spicy mango slaw over the fried chicken, I knew this wasn't for me. Which means my favourite bun from them is...

Abundance, gua bao

...the gua bao. Sans coriander of course.

Abundance, red hot chilli dumpling noodles

Wanted to get their red hot chilli dumpling noodles because I liked the mala-ish dumplings and their springy shaven noodles from the previous visits.

Abundance, xo fried rice

They do a pretty decent XO fried rice. Needs a bit more salt but it was not bad otherwise. I couldn't help but to keep thinking about Din Tai Fung's fried rice as I ate this.

Abundance, scottish ale
Abundance, scottish ale

While waiting for our vegetable to arrive, a pint of their Scottish ale on tap. This was a bit more sour than what I was expecting.

Abundance, bacon cabbage

So the vegetables. Chilli oil, wok seared cabbage and bacon.

Abundance, Lengkok Bahru

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