Friday, June 03, 2022

Santi's, Telok Ayer

Santi's, Telok Ayer

Santi's (138 Telok Ayer Street, tel : +65 8405 6112) is by the folks running Sarnies right around the corner. Food's Australian-sy by my measure with their brand of combinations featuring ingredients from the east and west.

Santi's, sea bream crudo

Nicely done sea bream crudo. The collective of smoked feta, trout roe and EVOO was an effective flavour bomb of richness that paired with the fish. I thought it was a great combination of tangy and umami that was relatively clean.

Santi's, marge simpson

Picked a pizza call Marge Simpson. Basically their variant of a pizza Margherita using yellow Datterini tomatoes instead of San Marzano. There's also Scamorza for the smokiness. Flavours from the toppings were not bad. What wasn't so great was the crust which was quite heavy and dense at the cornicione. We've been spoilt by the airy puffy ones at Zazz Pizza. 

Santi's, octopus bean ragu pici

We ordered their octopus and bean ragù pici thinking that we probably understood the flavour profile and knew what we were getting. We were so wrong. 😂

The base flavour tasted like savoury Chinese glutinous rice with boiled beans. For some reasons the diced bits of guanciale added to that. 

While I understood that pici was a thick noodle (I imagine udon-ish), these were thick like pig's intestines. 😂 Cooked "al dente", they were also heavy and tasted like a dense mee hoon kueh (面粉粿). Lots of textures going on with the ingredietns including some spicy fried shallots that had mala flavour. Then there's hazelnuts.

Santi's, brooklyn lager

Don't know if we'll be back. Have mixed feelings. Having Brooklyn Larger is nice but not opening during weekends automatically relegates them to the bottom of my list.

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