Sunday, June 05, 2022

Chicken pulao and cardamom lassi from Usman's

Usman's, chicken pulao

I've eaten at Usman's some years ago. Found out a while back that they have chicken pulao which is only available on Fridays. While it may not have looked like much, there was a lot of flavour in it. Possibly also much ghee. Portions were huge and the rice was delicious with chunks of bone in chicken.

That gravy on the side - might have been some chicken curry. Was nutty and deliciously salty.

Usman's, cardamom lassi

Watched them make my order of cardamom lassi. They scooped a couple of teaspoons from a container labelled 'cardamom' into the cup and poured cold lassi in it. Then stirred furiously and added ice. Sadly I couldn't taste the cardamom in it. It was creamy and cold and still good drinking in this heat though.

Usman's, Serangoon Road

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