Friday, June 24, 2022

Briyani set from Gandhi Restaurant

Gandhi Restaurant, Chander Road

Came back to Gandhi Restaurant for their briyani set meal. We tried the the regular one previously so this was just natural progression. 😅

Gandhi Restaurant, briyani set

Pretty regular tasting briyani with their spice infusion. Not that it was bad but I could not pinpoint anything distinctive about their flavour.

Gandhi Restaurant, onion chicken

We ordered onion chicken which was a fried chicken thigh with caramelized onions and curry leaves. Chicken was a little dry. It's the onions that were tasty. Will probably not get this again.

Gandhi Restaurant, curry mutton

Their rich nutty masala mutton was kickass. This dish scored with the combination of tender chunks of lamb and a spicy creamy paste. We had originally wanted the ribs which they had ran out of. We were glad to have tried this. Will still try our luck with the ribs another time though.

Gandhi Restaurant, curry shrimp peas

This was another curry with loads of little shrimps and green peas. Not bad.

Gandhi Restaurant, fish cutlet

Some potato-y fish cutlets.

Gandhi Restaurant, lassi

Not to self - their lassi was thick and creamy. One of the enjoyable ones around.

Gandhi Restaurant, Chander Road

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